Sunday, 9 July 2017

Revolutionary - Forager Impersonator # 3 Nearing Complete

(Forager Impersonator - A Post Apocalyptic Trilogy Book 3)

Final book nearing completion

This post is just a heads-up to my readers that the final book in the six-book Forager series is finally nearing completion. I only have to write the last chapter or two, after which comes editing/revision, and sending the manuscript off to the editor.

Thanks for all of your support in joining me for this thrilling adventure.


A strike team of Specialists, including Chelsea Thomas and Bhagya Singhe, is sent out of Newhome to deal with Hamamachi for once and for all. What does the chancellor care if several nearby towns suffer the same fate due to their close proximity to the Japanese town?

Meanwhile, the chancellor moves forward the date to release the dreaded virus, sending Newhome's twin resistance movements into panic mode. If they don't act soon, theirs will be the last generation. But what chance do they have against a totalitarian regime policed by three-hundred brutal Custodians?

In the wasteland outside Melbourne's CBD, Ethan Jones and his Hamamachi Special Forces team run into trouble on one of their trips to liberate slaves from Skel territory. The skeleton armoured monsters are starting to wise up to their hit-and-run tactics...